North Seattle Lapidary and Mineral Club

Field trips

The club organizes outings to locations around the state and beyond to find and (legally) collect rocks. Trips are led by experienced rockhounds who can show you the ropes. Most are day trips but a few involve overnight stays. All trips are child friendly.

We also encourage trips led by affiliated rock clubs and the Washington State Mineral Council.

2024 Field Trips
  • TBD: Saddle Mountains for petrified wood and common opal

  • TBD: Early summer multi-day field trip Oregon, Nevada, and Utah

  • TBD: Nooksack for Dunite, Olivine, and Serpentine

  • TBD: Late summer multi-day trip

  • TBD: Heather Lake for garnets

Contact the NSL&MC Field Trip Committee at

Opal scrounging at the diatom mines