North Seattle Lapidary and Mineral Club

About the Club

The North Seattle Lapidary and Mineral Club was founded in 1953. From the start the club has promoted the lapidary arts, rockhounding, and education. It is no accident that "lapidary" is the first word in our club's name. We emphasize lapidary arts, tumbling, making cabochons, polishing, cutting and casting, and fun!

Monthly meetings include show-and-tell, club business, and educational programs. Guests are welcome!

2024 Club Officers

President: John Frey

The club President presides over the monthly club and board meetings. It is actually a very cushy position.

About my rock: This is a piece of nephrite jade I collected on the Middle Fork of the Nooksack River.

Vice President: Jordan Robinson

The club Vice President is responsible for scheduling the speaker presentations for the monthly club meetings and fills in for the President when needed.

About my rock: I inherited this piece of Mexican Lace agate from my uncle, the lines are CRAZY!

Secretary: Open Position

The club Secretary takes the minutes at the monthly club and board meetings and handles club correspondence.

Treasurer: Mitch Wasserman

The club Treasurer handles all financial business [or functions] for the club. 

About my rock: 2 billion year old specular hematite collected on the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Member-at-Large: Diane Pierce

The Member-at-Large is the voice of the membership at board meetings. 

About my rock: Banded beach agate found in Anacortes, Washington.

Scholarship Committee: John Frey, Jean Shaffer, Amy Glassberg

The Scholarship Committee awards a scholarship every year to a Geology student attending a Washington university or college.

Membership: Susan McKee

The Membership position is responsible for managing the members list, processing new member applications, and collecting dues.

Collection Disposition: Rick Olson

The Collection Disposition position provides assistance to members and friends of the club who have lapidary and mineral collections they wish to sell or dispose of.

Mineral Council: Mark Sundquist

The Mineral Council position is club representative on the Washington State Mineral Council. They attend the monthly WSMC meetings and update the club on the Mineral Council discussions and field trips.

About my rock: Giant quartz crystal at the Tuscon Gem and Mineral show.

Rocky Trails Editor: Susan Gardner

Rocky Trails is the monthly newsletter of the North Seattle Lapidary and Mineral Club.

Past President: Paul Thompson

The Past President heads up the committee to organize the annual Rock and Gem Show.

2024 Standing Committees


Country Store: 
Sage Kittleson-Frey

Field Trips: 
Tiffany Barnett

Rick Olson

Jeff & Miranda Otjen

Rick Olson

Miranda Otjen

Public Relations: 
Susan Gardner

John Frey, Jordan Robinson, Jeff Otjen