7708 25th Avenue Northwest

We get together every 2nd Tuesday of the month except for the month of December when we have our annual Christmas/End of Year Dinner.


Our meeting location is in the basement of the Northminster Presbyterian Church which is located at;7706 - 25th Avenue NW in the Loyal Heights. (See Map at bottom of this page)


Our meetings begin with junior activities at 6:30 PM. The regular meeting begins at 7:30 PM and includes a show-and-tell session. After club business is transacted we have a 10-25 minute program of interest to our members and guests.


For more information or questions, please e-mail us at: info(at)



Speakers/Programs for NSL&MC's 2015 Meetings

Juniors at 6:30 PM, everyone at 7:30 PM Juniors:

Juniors: Lapidary 101: Juniors get hands-on experience in working with rocks.





• Badge program:

This program is open to kindergarten through 3rd graders who are new to learning about rocks or are familiar with the basics of rock-hounding. We follow the AFMS Rockhound Badge program by providing the children with hands-on, interactive learning opportunities in earth sciences and lapidary arts. Our goals are to foster an interest in learning more about the natural world and exposing children to concepts and vocabulary related to rocks and minerals. Families are encouraged to work on badge requirements at home as well. We start promptly at 6:30 PM.

• Explorers:

Susan Gardner leads the program with a variety of subjects and projects for young members and junior guests.


Presenter: Gabe Cangelosi

Speaking About the Sunset Mine Near Index



Copper Related Minerals


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