Our summers are full of field trips. Most are day trips but a few involve overnight stays. We have an easy, two number rating system to aid parents and others in deciding if a particular field trip may be right for them. The system rates the difficulty in getting to the site and the difficulty in extracting the rocks. Many trips are child-friendly.

The field trips are privately arranged and are simply presented here so our members may take advantage of those that are of interest. If you are interested in participating in one of these trips, contact the name listed below for more details. Also, look for the sign up sheet at each meeting. Field trips do occasionally get canceled. Only those people who signed up will be called in that case.

Visit our monthly meetings to get the details on field trips.

If you have any questions please e-mail field-trips (at)



Saddle Mountain 2002
Saddle Mountain 2003
Nevada 2005
Nevada 2005

Mt. Higgins 2003
Mt. Higgins Sample
Sloan Creek 2003
Sloan Creek 2003
Saddle Mountain 2007
It's all about the wood!
Digging at Saddle Mountain 2007
Damon Mine Entrance End of the mine Ceiling Soda Straw Damon Mine Group 2007
 Diatomaceous Opal Pits - April 2008 Fun getting dirty! Collecting Grit
Saddle Mountain Trip - April 2008
Travertine hunting at the Sweetwater Claim 2008 Jade hunting at Deer Creek 2008
Fossils Liberty, WA: Swauk Formation 2012 Fossils Liberty, WA: Swauk Formation 2012
Fossils Liberty, WA: Swauk Formation 2012 Fossils Liberty, WA: Swauk Formation 2012
Petrified Wood Round with a Pick in Utha
UTAH Trip 2012 UTAH Trip 2012
Photo of a Trilobite
UTAH Trip 2012 UTAH Trip 2012


The North Seattle Lapidary & Mineral Club is pleased to present trip reports as prepared by our members. Click the link below to take you to a directory page.

Take me to the reports


There are many organization that offer field trips in the Seattle area. Click the link below to take you to a Area Field Trip schedule and contact. By clicking this link, you will be redirected the the Washington Mineral Councils home page. Click the link on the right of the home page to see their trip schedule.

2014 TENTATIVE Club Field Trip Schedule

If you are a member of NSLMC you can find all the information about the clubs Field Trips being held this year in your copy of the Rocky Trails for all the details.

2014 Field Trip Schedule
The WSMC sponsors field trips through the Wagonmasters.These field trips offer the rockhound the opportunity to collect a wide variety of materials. Experienced field trip leaders familiar with the selected collecting areas are on hand to help the novice collector find good quality material. Check out the Tools page (at www.MineralCouncil. org) for a description of the tools needed for many of the field trips.

These Wagon Master trips are open to all. Always call contact to confirm information. Most of the two-day trips include a Saturday evening potluck, horseshoes, and a free Sunday breakfast. Material swapping and tailgating encouraged. A small fee is required for Pow-Wow and Madras trips. For more information, contact Ed Lehman at wsmced@hotmail. com or (425) 334-6282 or see

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